Retro aprons and vintage apron musings have been the obsession of Designer Rachel Hart since 2005.  If you think Bubba Gump loved shrimp, then just try talking to Hart for five minutes without the word “apron” creeping into the conversation. Hart rants about what makes the ultimate grilling apron, details on girly girl aprons, her adorable kids’ aprons, the importance of plus size aprons, terry cloth aprons and on and on…

You’ll hear all about how Hart strives to make sweet and sexy aprons—the kind “your grandmother dreamed of…” Hart will talk about sassy petticoat trims and adjustable necklines.  She’ll wax poetic on how Apron Elegance products are not just aprons, but conversation pieces (link to Die Donkey.)  Hart is dedicated to creating original aprons for unique women.

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